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Molly’s Mango Margaritas

I love Mexican food. And a big part of that is how well it goes with mango margaritas. I’m not going to lie. I’m kinda famous for these. It took quite a few trial runs to get the recipe down just right, but luckily I have so many wonderful friends who helped.

There are a few key steps to making successful margaritas. The first is tequila. Silver is always going to be your best bet. Now, I don’t splurge on Patron for my margaritas, though it is my favorite. I save that for taking shots. Jose Cuervo is a good staple, but I like this Camarena pictured here, too.

The second is triple sec. Stay away from the cheap stuff. Really, it’s just syrup, and you don’t want that. Contreau is good, as is the orange flavor liqueur made by Patron, but those still have corn syrup in them, which I try to stay away from. If you can find it, this Dekupyer’s 03 premium is the only kind on the market that I know of that is not made with corn syrup. It’s great, and at a cheaper price than the others, too.

Of course you need limes. Fresh squeezed is the way to go.

And it wouldn’t be a mango margarita without the mangoes. I’ve tried fresh mangoes, and really, don’t bother. They are messy and you’re blending it up with ice anyway. Save the clean up and just buy a bag of frozen and save fresh for something else delicious, like a fruit salsa.

Depending on how sweet you like your drinks, you may want to add some agave nectar. Just a bit will do, because the orange liqueur and mangoes are already pretty sweet.

It’s really as simple as that, folks! What I do recommend is that you rinse the glasses immediately after you’re finished, because as fun as it is to just set them in the sink and keep playing Apples to Apples, that sticky mango mess is a pain to clean up in the morning. Trust me.

I’ve also found it’s preferable to make them in small batches rather than big pitchers. Yes, it means that someone’s constantly at the blender if you’re having a big party, which is why I tend to only make these when a few friends are over rather than a big crowd where something like sangria is easier.

Molly’s Mango Margaritas

serves 2-3


6 one ounce shots tequila

3 one ounce shots orange liqueur

6-8 frozen mango chunks

6-8 ice cubes

juice of 4 limes

agave nectar, to taste (I like a few swirls, but not too much)


Add ice and mangoes to blender. Pour liquor over. Juice limes and add to mixture. Blend until smooth. Pour into margarita glass, with salted rim if you so desire. Enjoy!

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