Restaurant Review: Blue Koi, Volker Neighborhood, Kansas City

You just gotta love dumplings.

And if you love dumplings, you have got to go to Blue Koi. I’m sure many of their other entrees are delicious, but I won’t ever order them. Well, I guess I have ordered the chili pepper wontons, which aren’t terribly different, just a bit spicier.

Tucked in to the 39th St Volker Neighborhood adjacent to KUMed in Kansas City, this was a restaurant I’d heard of, but never been too until recently. It’s worthy of a special trip! They have specials, drinks, and inviting and casual atmosphere.

I’ve been several times with my mom while she had frequent appointments at KUMed while undergoing cancer treatment. She’s recovered, but we still sometimes make the trip for the dumplings!

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