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Restaurant Review: Genovese, Lawrence

Another Saturday, another farmer’s market, another brunch with my sister and mom. 715 was good, but we were still ready to explore other weekend breakfast options in downtown Lawrence.

We made the trek down to the 10th block of Massachusetts to Genovese.

I’ve been there several times for lunch and dinner, but never for breakfast. As busy as it was on a football game day, we still got right in to be seated, which was a definite plus. I skipped cocktails and coffee because I’d already had a latte at Henry’s. Mom did sample the Bloody Mary, which she thought was good.

I was excited to see eggs on the menu, and chose the Californian omelette. It sounded terrific: tomatoes, green onion, avocado, and cilantro…divine, right? But I overlooked the cream cheese, which just isn’t something I think should be added to an omelette. After scraping it all out, the egg dish was edible, but nothing to get too excited about. My toast was cold, and no fancier than old-fashioned Roman Meal wheat. The potatoes were fabulous, but I try to avoid chowing down on a big pile of fried potatoes.

I’ll be going back to Genovese, but not for breakfast. My mom liked her eggs benedict and my sister enjoyed her big breakfast with a waffle, bacon, and side of eggs, but the prices were a bit high compared to other options downtown. It’s a great restaurant, but the breakfast was certainly not the best in Lawrence. Up next, The Mirth Cafe. It’s my old favorite, but after several changes in ownership, I’ve had mixed feelings. Still, they are getting another chance, because Mister BS loves their vegetarian biscuits and gravy.

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  • I would like to say, I got the FRENCH TOAST, not the waffle. And it was FABULOUS. Of course, it was french toast, fried eggs, bacon, and potatoes. OF COURSE it was fabulous.

    • oh PARDON. ­čÖé those potatoes are good, I’m not gonna lie.

  • I take the cream cheese anytime. I had breakfast at a very famous restaurant, I hope I don’t offend anyone if you catch my drift ­čÖé
    And first I was alone and had to wait 20 minutes, ok it was a saturday, a bit after 11 is understandable. Then the waiter came by, a young handsome fella, ok I ordered me an omelette, so omelette here and no cutlery. Half trough my much wanted omelette, uncooked egg whites. There it was my omelette adventure.

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