Restaurant Review: North, Kansas City, KS

I love going out to eat with Mister BS, but fine dining can get expensive, which is why it’s sometimes fine to go out with my best friend Erika, instead. It’s a deal for her, too, because she gets a night off while her husband and Mister BS babysit. Since her significant other doesn’t even like eating at nice restaurants, we’re really each other’s idea date.

One of our favorite places to go is North in Leawood. This place doesn’t even have a website, but has a fantastic menu.

They have a great cocktail and wine list, but the most bang for your buck is the pitcher of berry sangria for $20. Perfect for sharing, this delightful red wine punch has pureed berries mixed in for a sweet treat.

We both always order the strawberry and goat cheese avocado salad. Sure, we could make it ourselves, but for this large serving and expertly assembled salad, I’d rather pay $9 for it than buy all the individual ingredients myself most days.

We both also love their entrees—Erika always gets the scallops, which is one of her favorite dishes in the city, and I’ve tried many vegetarian pasta dishes but favor the asparagus and pistachio pizza. The crust is just perfectly cracker thin and the shaved asparagus perfectly compliments the nuts and the tangy cheese. Unfortunately we were eating on the patio and the sun set, so I don’t have any pictures, but trust us, they were delightful.

We like several restaurants in the area, like la Bodega for Spanish tapas and Yia Yias for European cuisine, but the consistent quality and impeccable service we always receive at North makes it our favorite.

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