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Restaurant Review: Pasta Moon, Half Moon Bay, California

My favorite place in the world Half Moon Bay, California. This is for a variety of reasons, including nostalgia, but also, this:

and this:

I know there are lots of pretty beaches in the world, but I’ll never get tired of spending the day on this one.

Half Moon Bay is really an idyllic little town. I’m not a huge fan of crowds, so the most relaxing way to spend a vacation for me is to go to a used book store, do some window shopping, and take walk on the beach.  Which is what you do when you’re in Half Moon Bay.

They also have some good restaurants, but the one that has stood out for me after several visits is Pasta Moon.

They have a great wine list, focus on quality and local ingredients, provide excellent service, and have a laid back atmosphere. It’s a place you can stop by for a late lunch but can just as easily reserve a table for a fancy date or to celebrate a special occasion.

Hands down my favorite dish is the butternut squash and mascarpone cheese ravioli. It’s rich and decadent and delicious.

It’s a good thing that I don’t live anywhere near so I can only get this dish once a year. It’s too rich for an everyday meal, but a perfect vacation dish.

Mister BS loves the clam chowder. Living in the Midwest means you don’t often get great seafood (especially if you miss grandma’s birthday lunch at McCormick and Schmidt’s).

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE pizza. I like all kinds, from Chicago deep dish to New York thin crust, but am especially fond of a good wood-fired oven made in a classic style with a crushed fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil ribbons, and gooey fresh mozzarella. Because we’ve been several times, I’ve also had a chance to try the Pasta Moon version of this type of pizza, and boy, is it good.

Half Moon Bay is a wonderful little town, and Pasta Moon is a wonderfully gourmet yet unpretentious Italian restaurant. If you’re ever visiting the Bay Area, it’s worth a trip down Highway 1 for an afternoon.

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  • I’m in bed, all the lights out, and I see the pizza, then my stomach stared growling, something fierce, I can’t have pizza yet!!! 🙁