Wine of the Week: 2011 Darkhorse Chardonnay

This week’s featured wine is not my personal favorite, but at under $10, it’s a steal.


We usually buy our wine from Cork & Barrel or Alvin’s but one day this week I had to cancel my morning workout because it w as raining. We’ve had intermittent thunderstorms for a couple of week. Luckily, it had cleared up by early evening. Since  what I really wanted to do was hang out on the couch and not exercise, we compromised and walked to a new liquor store that is about a half of a mile away. That way I’d have a little bit of active time but also get a bottle of wine.

glass of inexpensive Chardonnay

I chose this bottle mostly because I really love Dark Horse Comics and it was a good deal at $7.99.

The taste was a little fruity and sweet for me, but it would be a great compromise to share with friends who prefer sweet rieslings (of which I have several).

2011 Darkhorse Chardonnay | California | $7.99

Though this wine wasn’t a homerun, the pizza we ate with it certainly was. Find the recipe for 5 Cheese Pizza here. It would also be a good wine to use in a summer sangria or other wine cocktail.

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