Sunday at Potter’s Lake

The University of Kansas has a beautiful campus. Lots of hills, limestone buildings, blossoming trees in spring and bright maples that turn red in the fall. But my favorite spot on campus is Potter’s Lake.

potter's lake 2.jpgThere’s a weeping willow that’s the perfect spot for having a picnic. Mister BS and I even had our engagement photos taken by the pond.

I still like taking an evening stroll over the little bridge and along the path up to the Campanile.

Which is what we did on a recent Sunday evening. The weather was nice and cool, the sun was just setting, and the lake was the perfect place to take a walk (and some pictures).

I used to be much more of a “behind the camera” person than a “take a picture of me” person. Sure, I’d pose with friends on special occasions, but I didn’t like having my photo taken by myself. This has only become more true as I’ve put on weight (oh, the trials of desk jobs — don’t I wish I was back to walking miles a day around campus!).

But my mother once said to me that she regrets always hiding out when people were snapping photos, because she is missing photos of herself from key moments in her life.

molly KU campus.jpg

Plus, getting dressed up and putting effort into my appearance for a photo does wonders for my self esteem and reinforces positive body image.

blue at potter's lake.jpg

I hate looking through most women’s magazines or catalogs because the people in them don’t reflect the reality of the world we live in, where people come in all shapes and sizes and colors. This is part of why I read so many lifestyle and fashion blogs. I like see real people in my media, rather than overly photoshopped or starving, unhealthy models. (Yes, I know you can find those on fashion blogs, too, just not the ones I read).molly KU campus.jpg

So even though this isn’t a primarily a fashion or style blog, I’m going to occasionally share photos of me dressed up in everyday settings.

blue calvin klein maxi dress.jpg

sweater //kenneth cole from nordstrom’s (similar)  |  blue tank // philosophie (similar)   |  maxi skirt // calvin klein (similar – this is the dress version)  |  wedge sandals  // aerosoles |  freshwater pearls (similiar)

potter's lake wedge sandals.jpgDo you have a favorite place on campus?

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