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Vegetarian in Vegas: Wynn

When I travel, I obsessively stalk restaurant menus and reviews online to find the perfect places to dine. It’s this research that ensured I enjoyed every meal (except for those at the Las Vegas Convention Center) when I recently went to Las Vegas for the American Library Association Annual Convention. I’ll be doing a series of posts highlighting the vegetarian-friendly restaurants I tried while I was in Sin City.

A Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating Out in Las Vegas: Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas was a surprisingly vegetarian-friendly city. Most restaurants even have vegan options. I was very impressed. Of course, Vegas is known for having pretty great food, even if it is where celebrity chefs go to sell out, cash in, and get lazy.

Wynn Las Vegas was definitely my favorite hotel that I had the chance to dine in and explore. There interior is lush and decadent, without being highly themed, like some other Las Vegas hotels. The extravagant flower sculptures of real working carousels and hot air balloons are delightful.

Scholastic invited me to attend the release party for Maggie Stiefvater’s lastest book, Sinner, which was held in one of the Wynn ballrooms. They served disappointing wine and a cocktail inspired by the book. It wasn’t something I would have normally ordered (mostly because it was a little fruity and contained rum) but it was surprisingly drinkable.

In addition to serving fancy hotdogs, which I obviously didn’t sample, they had high-end grilled cheese sandwiches. After a long day walking around and a few cocktails in me from an earlier party, I was glad to have some delicious and indulgent hors d’oeuvre.

I also dined at Society Café at Wynn the following evening. It’s one of their more casual (and less pricey) restaurants, but is still pretty upscale.

Starting with this sparkling cocktail—The Dream—was a good decision. Light and refreshing, it also boasted a perfect balance of flavors. Champagne, St. Germain Elderflower liquor, and a Hibiscus flower blend into the signature drink of Wynn, which truly lives up to it’s name.

Though there were lots of tempting items on the menu, I ended up deciding to go with the veggie burger. It was Mediterranean style, with garbanzo beans, feta, and a delicious sauce served with pita.

I also had the sweet potato fries. The colleagues I dined with were mostly vegetarian and vegan, and enjoyed the salad, tomato soup, and fried mac and cheese balls, as well. We also shared a giant feast of desserts with everything from cake pops to caramels and mini push-pops. It was cute and a lot of fun, and best of all, perfect for sharing.

I sampled two other cocktails, a blueberry lemonade, which was delicious, even though it contained vodka, which is not usually my favorite drink. I also had a refreshing cucumber gimlet, one of my favorites. The only downside to lounging in the bars in Vegas is that they allow smoking.

If you’re a vegetarian and planning a trip to Vegas, I highly recommend staying at Wynn or Encore, and even if you stay somewhere else, definitely check out the restaurants.

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