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Cocktails in Vegas: BLVD Cocktail Company

In my first post about my trip to Las Vegas for the American Library Association Annual Convention, I talked about how I obsessively stalk restaurant and bar menus online and read tons of reviews. Of course, even for a planner like me, sometimes the best experiences come from an unexpected find.

blvd cocktail comapny

That was definitely the case with BLVD Cocktail Company. My friend and I walked by it while and were immediately drawn to the quirky space. The aesthetics are exactly what I would choose if I was opening my own bar. There’s a long, dark bar, creepy and delightfully morbid art mixed in with whimsical pieces, and a grand piano. There are cozy little highback booths and white marble tables. It’s perfect.

blvd cocktail company

Did I mention I loved the art?


The first drink I tried was gin and grapefruit based. A little fruitier than I usually go for, but refreshing on such a hot day.


The second cocktail I ordered was a modified version of their Manhattan. I was dying for a whiskey, but I don’t care for vermouth, so I asked for it like an old-fashioned. The waitress was like “that’s just whiskey and bitters” and I was like exactly. What made this one special was the rye whiskey and chocolate bitters, orange slice, and brandied cherry. It was absolutely divine, and I’m currently shopping for my own bottle of chocolate bitters.

The best part of the bar? In addition to fancy cocktails, a piano player who indulged my love for Radiohead by playing Kid A and Karma Police. But the evening wouldn’t have been complete if I hadn’t spent it with my dear friend who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like.


The review of the new LINQ area on the strip near Harrah’s and The Flamingo are scathing. They seem to be mostly from locals, so I get it. It’s a tourist-y area. But this gem of a bar, located across from the fountain, is different from other clubs or bars in Las Vegas. It’s intimate and classy. For those looking for something that doesn’t scream Vegas, it’s the perfect place to grab a cocktail.



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