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LA for the Holidays

My brother and soon to be sister-in-law live in sunny Burbank, California, where they work in cartoons (one at Nickelodeon, one at Dreamworks). They are basically the most fun ever, so my sister and I went to spend a week with them over Thanksgiving.

We did a few touristy things, like going to The Getty. We spent several hours at Wi Spa, a Korean spa. We watched movies. We ate a lot.

Breakfast + Brunch

Winchell’s Donuts. I am embarrassed to say how many of these I consumed while in Burbank. I love my beloved Muncher’s Bakery here in Lawrence, but these donuts were a bit different. Apparently they used to have Winchell’s here in the Kansas City area. That could be dangerous.

winchell's donuts


We had brunch with other relatives who were in LA for the holiday. To make reservations, I just googled “best boozy brunch in LA” and chose the place that was an easy drive to the airport, because they were leaving straight away. We ended up at Post and Beam drinking bottomless mimosas and I had this Nutella stuffed french toast. It was a little decadent.

nutella stuffed french toast

Next time I want to try Fig in Santa Monica.


My favorite was Seven Grand in downtown LA. It’s a whiskey bar.

whiskey bar LA downtown

They had a great whiskey menu. I ended up just trying the Angel’s Envy Rye, and it was heavenly. Just a hint of spice and caramel.

seven grand whiskey bar

The atmosphere is very “boy’s club” with taxidermy, pool, dark leather and wood, plaid. What you think a whiskey bar should be.


My cousin is the manager of a fancy caviar place in Beverly Hills (The Petrossian) which isn’t really my style food-wise, but it means he knows a lot of people in the restaurant business. He took a big group of us out to Petty Cash LA, which is exactly my style. They  treated us like rock stars.

petty cash taqueria LA

Basically I died over these roasted cauliflower and kale nachos.

kale and cauliflower nachos

I am really going to try to recreate this at home. So simple, but so delicious.

Many margaritas were imbided. I also tried the tequila old fashioned. Will also be recreating that at home.

petty cash margarita

Also guacamole and roasted brussel sprouts. Did I have room for anything after appetizers? No. That did not stop us from getting tacos? No. (the only veggie kind were potato, and they were good, but now I see they have a new menu with butternut squash). Someone also ordered chocolate covered fried goodness for dessert, and I even managed to have a bite of that.

guacamole petty cash

The place just had a a fun, laid back, not too flashy atmosphere, especially for Hollywood. I would definitely go back here.

petty cash interior


I’ll spare you the pictures on this one. When a trip is really about spending time with family or friends and not about great foodie experiences, there’s nothing wrong with ordering in and just hanging out. The best takeout pizza and Chinese in Burbank, California is Central Park Pizza and Joy Feast. I love NY style pizza best, and Central Park makes you think you’re on the East Coast, not the West. Joy Feast had delicious, fresh veggies in sauces that weren’t too heavy. Both were very affordable.

So, this was how I ate and drank my way through LA! What are your favorite LA spots? 

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