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Sunflower Fields Forever

Over the past few years, a local farm has become a bit of a tourist attraction in early September, when its beautiful sunflower fields are tall and in bloom.

Grinter Farm invites the public out to enjoy the beauty and take pictures each year. And boy, people are catching on and taking them up on it.

sunflower fields at Grinter farms

Mister BS and I had planned on stopping by about sunset on the way home from visiting his grandma—and there was a crowd. Like, over a hundred people.

People can just ruin things, you know?

Even though the light was beautiful, there was no way to get a clear shot without people milling about in the fields. Since today was a federal holiday and we were both off work, we resolved to get up early and go at sunrise. Even though that meant getting up at 5:30 am, which is normal for Mister BS, but not normal for me.

This morning, I jumped out of bed, made coffee, and then Mister BS said, “you know it stormed all night, right?”

Indeed, the porch was wet, and my glasses fogged up the second I stepped outside.

Not exactly ideal picture taking conditions.

Still, I was determined to have my adventure. So we grabbed our gear and I put on my bright red lipstick, hoping for the best.

When we got there, I realized I’d left my memory card in the computer.

single sunflower

Luckily, the fields weren’t crowded, but there there was another friendly photographer who gifted me a memory card, so our early morning drive wasn’t for nothing.

Molly in sunflower field

It was muggy as hell, and the humidity killed my hair. But I still got some pictures!

Molly in sunflowers

When Mister BS takes photos of me, he’s always trying to get me to loosen up and do goofy poses and faces. I’ll spare you the outtakes, but they are funny, especially at sunrise.

Molly @ Grinter Farms Sunflower field

Grinter Farm has planted the fields for over thirty years, but thanks to social media and word-of-mouth, they’re now one of the sights to see in Kansas.

They really are totally worth it. Sometimes I think that it’s the pictures or the check-in on social media that might push me (and other introverts) to do things, but it means we’re out and experiencing the world. Getting up early and seeing the beauty of Kansas reminded me why I love living in Lawrence, even if the rest of Kansas has its…drawbacks.

Sunflower fields forever.

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