Weekend Reading | Vol. 1

This weekend was…interesting. I got to spend the weekend on the Plaza, spend some time with my aunt, my sister, and her boyfriend, but it was because my mom had surgery. I had a bit of time to read but mostly…stress. And that’s okay. It’s all part of life.

And don’t worry about me too much. I had wine.

wine at Coal Vines

Here’s some interesting articles and blog posts I read this weekend.

I absolutely love this essay from Daniel Kraus defending Twilight. It’s so well reasoned.

Why isn’t Mindy Kaling my (smarter and funnier) best friend? She’s so cool. And she has amazing taste in books.

I am really interested in trying out this app Tody I read about on Oddly Lovely.  About half of the arguments I have with Mister BS stem from whose turn it is to clean the catbox or unload the dishwasher. We could definitely use a routine and a way to hold each other and ourselves accountable for household cleaning.

I love this post from River City Reading about how much research one does before choosing a book. Since selecting and recommending books is like, my job, I do a ton, but I’m really interested in how heavy readers and just regular people who occasionally read select books. I might write my own post about it at a later date.

Joy the Baker has a great post on “dream” jobs. I mostly have my dream job, but it doesn’t stop me thinking of ways to grow with my career or how that dream my shift and change over the years.

Everyday Reading shared what to look for in a blogging conference. I regularly go to professional conferences for work, but have wondered if I would get anything out of one focused on blogging. This was some really helpful information.

Any weekend reading you suggest? Share your favorite blog posts or articles in the comments.

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