Restaurant Review: Westside Local, Kansas City, Mo

I first discovered Westside Local after seeing The Nutcracker at the Kauffman Center with my little brother. We’d wanted to avoid the restaurants in the Power and Light district, which are not my style, and instead looked for a quiet little restaurant with vegetarian fare and great cocktails. Now, it’s my favorite restaurant in Kansas City, and we regularly go for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or after when we go to the ballet.

This weekend, we were attending a family wedding in the Crossroads district, and there was a couple hours between the ceremony and the reception. Since my aunt had already told me they were having Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue for the wedding dinner (which I knew would be a hit with most but as a vegetarian, wouldn’t work for me) I wanted to make sure I had a big late lunch so I could drink and dance at the wedding. So we headed over to Westside Local.

Of course I started with a cocktail. They had recently changed their menu, so some of the summer-y drinks I’d previously enjoyed had gone off rotation, so I opted for this whiskey based cocktail, the One-eyed Jack, which blends Four Roses small batch bourbon, Sorel hibiscus spice liqueur, angostura & burlesque bitters, cava, a sugar cube, and a brandied cherry. It’s spicy and a bit sweet and really tastes like fall.

one eyed jack whiskey cocktail

Their beet hummus is beautifully presented (that purple color!).

beet hummus

And it was a hard decision between the quinoa and fall veggies and the sweet potato and quinoa burger, but really, I wanted a side of fries, too, so decided to go with the veggie burger. This is similar to the one they serve at Merchant’s in Lawrence, but a bit better value.

sweet potato and quinoa burger

And perhaps I didn’t need a salad, too, but I got one, and shared my burger and fries (Mister BS never has trouble helping me clean my plate). This kale with crispy fried shallots and shaved Brussel sprouts is amazing, even without the bacon.

kale salad

I’ve also been for their brunch (which they call ‘blunch’), and they have great eggs, pastries, and of course, cocktails.

Tucked away at 18th and Summit, this is much more my style than any of the steakhouses or flashy, loud restaurants just a few block over downtown. I’ve never been disappointed in the food or service at Westside Local.

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