Restaurant Review: BRGR, Kansas City, Mo

It’s rare that I’ll eat at a restaurant twice in one week, but when I was at the Kansas City Convention Center for the Kansas and Missouri joint state library conference, I did just that.

Just a few blocks from the convention center is BRGR, which is a restaurant from a company that has several concepts in the Kansas City area.

I’m not really a fan of the Power & Light district, and even if we’re downtown for an event at The Sprint Center or the Midland, we usually don’t eat in the area. I’d much rather drive a few blocks under the highway to go to Westside Local.  But BRGR had a decent menu, excellent beer and cocktail selection, and yuuummmmy mac & cheese. I’d go back for a casual evening out with friends.

I was very disappointed with the veggie burger that I for lunch the first day—it was kind of bland. Then again, I’m spoiled by Lawrence original The Burger Stand. Also, the fries were cold. What was great? The ketchup and mustard, which are made in house.

BRGR ketchup and mustard house madeOf course, as a vegetarian, I didn’t try the chili, but my co-workers said it was great.
BRGR chili

And we ordered these deviled eggs wrapped in pancetta both days, which of course I couldn’t have, but again, looked great.

BRGR deviled eggs

Like I said, the mac and cheese was good, and I am very picky about my mac & cheese. I had roasted garlic mixed in, but they have tons of over options for additions. I’ve tried the mac and cheese at Merchant’s and The Roost in Lawrence, and been really disappointed with the consistency of the cheese and the bland flavor (I make really good mac & cheese myself, so I expect it to be excellent when dining out). This did not disappoint. Just so I didn’t feel completely gross, I ordered the side salad so I’d have some greens in me, and it was good too. Of course, all that together made my meal a little pricey.

BRGR mac & cheese

And let me tell you about their cocktails. So good. They make a mean Sazerac, which I can’t find at most bars (although John Brown Underground in Lawrence makes one) and they had some original cocktails, like a Raspberry Buck, Crosstown, and Steel Pony which I will be trying to recreate at home.

BRGR whiskey cocktail

If you’re looking for a low key dinner out in downtown Kansas City, BRGR is worth checking out.

BRGR downtown KC

Do you have a favorite spot in Power & Light or Crossroads districts in Kansas City? I’d love suggestions for something other than a steakhouse!

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