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Portland, Librarian Style: PDX Eats

Really, I did things in Portland besides eat. Like attend a conference, present a session, visit Powell’s three times, and go shopping and to a museum.

But I did eat. And I ate well.

VooDoo Doughnut

This is a total tourist-y place. I hear the lines can get really long, but we went at 9:30 in the morning so there wasn’t a wait.

Even though I was with professional colleagues, I couldn’t resist ordering the cock and balls doughnut and the Marshall Mathers blunt. Because, I mean…why not.

cock and balls and blunt doughnuts

The cinnamon and sugar with hint of maple and sprinkles was perfect, and a great size. I’d get it again.

Yes, the cock and balls is cream filled. And they’ll personalize it for you, too. It was okay, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the cream. Still, the snapchat pic of it I sent my husband was worth it.

IMG_4772 (1)

Good things really do come in pink boxes!

VooDoo Doughnut boxes

I got a pic of the sign during the day, but it just doesn’t have quite the same effect as the nighttime view, which I snapped when we were walking home from the Lit Crawl bars on Saturday night.

VooDoo Doughnut


I hear Blue Star donuts are way better, but we didn’t make it there. They have a shop in LA now, so maybe next time I’m visiting my brother we’ll try it (but probably not, I can walk to Winchell’s from his apartment). Anyway, we have Munchkins and Ladybird Diner in Lawrence, so it’s not I’m really hurting for good doughnuts.

Andina Restaurant

I made reservations for a large group of librarians one evening after the conference, and we had a wonderful time at this Peruvian restaurant, Andina. We were able to sit in a large, round table in the lively bar area, which made it festive but also allowed for easy conversation. And the food! They have a mix of tapas and entrees, a good wine list, and wonderful cocktails.




It was nice dining with such a large group, because I got to see so many items from the menu.


small plates


This quinoa salad was amazing.


quinoa salad

This was beautiful, too!


And the asparagus was perfectly grilled.



Everything was delicious and beautifully plated. The service was exceptional, and they even have live music in the lounge every evening.

Ruby Jewel

You would think after that decadent dinner, I would have no room, but after some time walking around the Pearl District, we did decide to stop for make your own ice cream sandwiches at Ruby Jewel.

ruby jewel scoops

Swank and Swine

On the evening we arrived, we were starving after many hours of traveling and just wanted a quick bite, but also something enjoyable. I’d scoped out Swank and Swine, just around the corner from the Hilton where we were staying, which ran a late happy hour. The bar was packed, but then they said they served in the lobby of the Paramount Hotel. Score! We got quick service in comfy couches in a quiet corner of the lobby. Plus, I got a salad, flatbread pizza, and a cocktail for $16.


swine happy hour


Yes, I drank a lot of whiskey over the long weekend.


swine whiskey cocktail

Veggie Grill

This is a chain on the west coast that I’ve been to with my brother when I’ve visited LA, and I sooooo wish we had one back home. They have a rotating seasonal menu, but everything is fresh and vegan. It’s the best fast food option I’ve ever had.


burger from veggie grill

These cauliflower bites are great!

caulflower bites from veggie grill

Pizzicata Pizza

This pizza joint was right around the corner from our hotel. We had planned to back to the food trucks for lunch, but it was raining so we ducked in here. It was good for a pizza by the slice place. The roasted cauliflower and butternut squash was a great combination (they made it vegetarian for me), and although I’ve made a butternut squash pizza before, I want to try a version with cauliflower now.



Food Trucks

We did make it to the food trucks at 9th and Alder, I had these amazing potato curry dumplings. It was kind of overwhelming having all those choices!

potato curry dumplings


I had many cups of Stumptown Coffee, which was right by our hotel, and it was pretty good. When meeting up with a friend, I also got a latte at Case Study coffee. I normally order just black coffee, but when I saw they made a whiskey caramel latte, I was sold, and it was sooooo decadent and delicious.

stumptown coffee

Deschutes Brewery

We made a trip to the Deschutes Brewery, too, and while my veggie burger was disappointing (and the atmosphere overall was much less appealing than Free State Brewery), I did like this pear and goat cheese pizza. Garlic cream sauce, Portland Creamery goat cheese, balsamic grilled pears, mozzarella and toasted hazelnuts with white balsamic vinaigrette tossed baby arugula—I’ll be trying that at home, for sure.


pizza at brewery


Bollywood Theater and Pacific Pie

My blogger friends took me to Bollywood Theater and Pacific Pie, which were both amazing.

Bollywood was cozy, unpretentious, and you ordered at the counter. Everything was authentic and delicious, and we ordered a bunch of different things to share.

bollywood theater dishes

Hours later, I still wasn’t quite ready for pie, but I couldn’t pass up this version of apple pie, which was more like a parfait, sundae, or shake.

apple pie at pacific pie company

That about covers the highlights of my Portland culinary adventures! What are your favorite places in Portland? I loved the city, so I definitely want to return soon. 

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