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It’s Friday! Time to break out the confetti.

This has been a busy, long week. I’ve been focused on keeping up with my healthy eating, yoga, and 10K steps on top of the usual hustle and bustle of work. Now that it’s the weekend, I need some FUN.

And what’s more fun than confetti? Here are some ways to incorporate a little glitter into your life.

Tory Burch Confetti Purse

tory burch color dot saddle bag crossbody

The last thing I need is a new bag. I have dozens of high quality purses in several practical styles (my trusty Marc Jacobs) and so-ridiculously-cute-I-had-to-have-it styles (my Kate Spade typewriter bag). But when I saw this adorable studded confetti Tory Burch crossbody saddle bag, I fell in love. I need it. Really. (I will not be getting it, but maybe you can?)

Confetti Party Favors


Sometimes a little glitter goes a long way. This DIY tutorial for glitter sticks seems like the perfect party favor. Or you know, for everyday use. Because every day can be a party.

Glitter Confetti Nails

glitter nails

And there’s no easier way to put a little pop of color in your life than with a manicure. I am an unabashed fan of glitter nail polish, and my favorite are the Lux Effects topcoats form Essie. The multi-colored confetti styles go with everything, right? So you don’t have to worry about your nail polish clashing with your outfit. Glitter is the new black. Totally neutral. I promise.

DIY Confetti T-Shirt

confetti t-shirtLooking for a more understated but fun way to incorporate sparkle into your style? This DIY tutorial for a t-shirt embellished with gold vinyl confetti is fun but still classy. The tutorial is in Spanish, but if you don’t read the language, the pictures walk you through the steps. This DIY is so simple, once you’ve gathered all the supplies, you could finish in less than an hour.

Chocolate Sprinkle Donuts

chocolate sprinkles donuts

And when nothing but donuts will make your day better, go with the classic double chocolate with sprinkles. My favorite recipe is from Joy the Baker. And trust me, they do taste better with multi-colored jimmies.

Mister BS is actually very against glitter. It’s proof that you don’t need to agree on everything to have a happy marriage.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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