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Hello, and happy Saturday morning! I’m planning on heading to the opening day of the farmer’s market this morning, and this afternoon I’m taking pictures at the library’s TEDx event. Teens will be speaking on a variety of inspiring ideas! The program is always a lot of work, but worth it.

Here are some ideas I’ve been pondering this week.

Over at Book Riot, Amanda shared work by artist Jorge Mendez Blake that illustrates the power of a single book. I’m often thinking about how one story can change someone’s life, and I love this visual representation.


Shannon at River City Reading discussed how the same elements she loves in books draw her to certain TV shows, too. This was interesting, because while sometimes this is true, I’m more likely to look for TV as a distraction, a way to unwind, than a story to get invested in — at least these days. It’s also something I generally try to do with Mister BS, so there’s a lot of compromising on selections.

I love, comic books, and Rhiannon at Feminist Fiction has a list of female-led comics that she’d like to see adapted for TV or movies, and I 1000% agree with these selections. It’s basically a list of my favorites. Perhaps with the success of shows like Jessica Jones, we’ll see more female-led comic adaptations, and with the success of Deadpool, studios will see how much audiences crave the grittier, raunchier, R-rated versions of their favorite superheroes or comic book characters.

Lin-Manel (the entire internet is basically on a first name basis with Miranda, the creator of Hamilton the Musical) did the New York Times “By the Book” feature, and the man is so well read! He has amazing taste in books, and I love how he discusses the serendipitous discovery of a new title while wondering the bookstore. Also, I’m seriously dying to know which Young Adult series he watched go down in flames. My guess? Divergent. That series was a best-selling trainwreck.

I had a great discussion on Twitter about this article on how my generation is content buy furniture from Target or Ikea and is not interested in the heirloom pieces handed down from our parents. Even though I’ve been married for almost 10 years, we still have mostly cheap, hand-me-down furniture, because moving it is a pain in the ass. My mom grew up in abject poverty, and buying fancy antiques and high quality furniture represented all of her hard work with my father to give us a better, middle-class existence. Even though she’s downsized into a two-bedroom townhouse, she still has a lot of it, and I have no idea what we’ll do with it when she dies.

Any articles or blog posts that got you thinking this week? Would love to hear about them. Have a fantastic weekend! 

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