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DIY: Neko Atsume Craft

Guys, I have a confession: I am obsessed with Neko Atsume. So obsessed, I want real life Neko Atsume cats: hence, this DIY Neko Atsume craft for felted cats.

neko atsume

Of course, you’re probably like, “what took you so long?”

See, I knew about it in early 2015. You don’t get to be a cat lady without hearing about this kind of thing. My sister-in-law was an early fan.

But between Twitter, Bloglovin’, Instagram, and email, I figured the last thing I needed was another distraction on my phone, and I’ve never been into phone games like Candy Crush or Farmville or whatever. I was content to live with my real life cats, even though they wake me up waaaay to early in the morning and can’t clean up after themselves.

Then, something extraordinary happened.

I found myself without a book and with way too much time on my hands.

We went to hear Bernie Sanders speak, and they advised us not to bring in purses or bags. Which meant I had no water bottle or book.

Next time, I’ll take my chances with the Secret Service.

But, at least I had my phone. Because we waited for five hours. And I ended up caving and downloading Neko Atsume.

The rest is history. Mister BS ended up getting it too, and we are actually competitive about it. We’ve been racing to see who could get the rare cats first. Mister BS looked up tips on the Internet.

Basically, we’re ridiculous. (At least we’re not alone).

We’re so nerdy, we spent last Saturday night crafting felt finger puppets and magnets.

Now, you can too. Here’s how you can make this Neko Atsume craft.

felt neko atsume cats craft

Felt Neko Atsume Craft

Here’s what you need:

  • felt (white, black, two shades of grey, red, warm yellow, two shades of brown)
  • fabric scissors (I love this pair from Fiskars!)
  • fabric glue (quick dry)
  • needle
  • embroidery floss (black, white, grey, etc)
  • magnets and E6000 glue (if making magnets, can also just make finger puppets)


Print off screenshots of the cat in the size and pose that you want to recreate.

pattern felt neko craft

Trace the basic shape on a piece of cardstock. This will be the base of your cat. Then, cut a piece of felt in the shape using your pattern.

base neko atsume craft

Make a second cardstock pattern, but this time cut it into the individual pieces that will be different colors or layers.

felt neko atsume pattern pieces

Then cut out your individual layers, and any details you want to add. felt pieces craft neko

Get them all organized.

felt pieces neko atsume craft

See what you want your final placing to be, then start gluing!

assembled felt neko atsume

After you’ve secured all your layers, stitch a french knot for eyes if you want them to appear open, or lines if their expression has closed eyes. Add a little nose and a mouse and stitch any lines to delineate their legs or tail.

If you want to make a finger puppet, cut another base and make loop stitches along the sides, leaving the bottom open. The grey kitty, Shadow, is a finger puppet, and the others are cute magnets for my desk at work. I simply used E600 glue to affix a magnet to the back.

And there you have it: your Neko Atsume craft. I will definitely be looking into making some more Neko Atsume inspired crafts in the future. Maybe some cardboard painted cafe? Or could I possibly make a cat pancake for my cats to crawl into? We shall see.

group shot felt neko atsume cats

Are you obsessed with Neko Atsume? Which cat is your favorite? 

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