Putting on My Dancing Shoes

You don’t get to choose your family. Which is why I don’t judge Mister BS by his.

Don’t get me wrong; I like his brothers just fine, and most of his extended family are perfectly nice people. But some of them are don’t really share the same values or interests as me, which can make conversation awkward (especially in an election year).

Last weekend, we attended a wedding for one of his cousins (who is actually a great guy— he’s so considerate and attentive to his aging grandmother and obviously her favorite grandson). But boy, did I hear things from some of the relatives in attendance that had my eyebrows soaring. Still, I remained very diplomatic, which is quite the feat. I am known more for being argumentative with a big mouth than for my tact.

You don’t get to choose your family, you don’t always get to choose if you go to a wedding, but luckily, you get to choose the shoes to go with your wedding outfit.molly hot pink librarian styleTo avoid uncomfortable conversations about politics, religion, guns, race, or well, anything, I knew I wanted to spend the night on the dance floor (even though I ditched my FitBit since it didn’t go with my outfit, I wanted to make sure I was getting in my steps). Which was why I was glad I brought a pair of hot pink satin flats to slip instead of trying to dance in my sky high black patent leather pumps that are gorgeous but definitely not something I can get my groove on in.
molly black and white calvin klein dressFinding the right wedding outfit can be hard. I aim for a balance between dressy and comfortable. I’m in love with this Calvin Klein fit and flare dress. It’s very structured and has a heavy fabric with burnout brushed velvet. I’m particular about what kind of pattern I’ll wear and this is bold but simple.

hot pink poppy clutch

Plus, with a simple design, I get to use some of my favorite accessories. I’ve only used this hot pink printed satin clutch a few times, and my hot pink satin flats have only been taken out of the box on a handful of occasions. I loved the shoes with those big clip-on bows when I was a kid, and these remind me of them. So I have never really cared if they were particularly fashionable. They make me happy. The satin, however, is delicate, and these have gotten quite a few scuffs in just a few wears. I’m glad I got them 50% off.

molly side calvin klein copy

Wedding Outfit Details:

Mister BS and I definitely did our share of dancing, and luckily the cake was very blah so I wasn’t tempted. Wedding dinners are often not vegetarian friendly, and I’ve been known to make up for it by overindulging in cake.

What are your favorite dancing shoes? 

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