Lavender Forever

I love lavender. The scent, the taste, even the color. It smells clean and fresh and floral without being overwhelming or cloying.

These are my favorite lavender products.


Avalon Organics lotion

avalon organize lavender lotion

This is my daily lotion. It’s non-greasy but moisturizing. I am quite picky about my lotions—I also like Burt’s Bees and Lubiderm, but this is my absolute favorite. I keep some at my home desk and my work desk and constantly apply it to my hands. It’s a light scent that is soothing and refreshing.


Meyer’s soy candle

meyers lavender candle

I fell in love with Meyer cleaning products (we use the handsoap and dishsoap when not using Method products), and then I realized they have these candles. It’s the best lavender scent I’ve encountered—way better than premium candle brands you’d find at a specialty or department store, and these I can pick up at the grocery store. The soy candle lasts forever and really transforms the feel of a room. It’s so cozy and clean after just a half an hour of burning.

perfumed satchel from L’Occitane or satchels from Etsy

lavande l'ocitane lavender satchel

I actually buy my lavender satchels from a local stand at the farmer’s market, but you can also get them from Etsy, or I love L’Occitane, too. I stash these in the bins that hold my spare sheets and seasonal clothing like sweaters to keep them from smelling stale, and I also put them in my drawers. I even have a string of them hanging in my cedar-lined closet. I just love the smell of lavender!

Lavender Zum bars

lavender zum bars

Zum bars are made by a local company, and it’s the only bar soap I’ll use. Mister BS is partial to the dragon’s blood scent, but I love their lavender based offerings—lavender rosemary is my favorite, but you can try the variety pack. This is a great, all natural soap which leaves your skin so soft. Also, it smells so good, your shower is basically a trip to the spa.


Lavender and bronze Ray Ban Sunglasses

bronze lavender ray bans

I lost my Ray Ban prescription sunglasses in a mighty wave in the ocean off a Santa Monica beach at the end of last summer, and I need to replace them. These lavender tinted shades are so cool—too cool for me? Probably. My previous pair lasted six years, and I’m not sure I’d love these for as long. To be adventurous, or to go with the classic? What should I do?


Lavender fields forever.

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