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Day Trip to Half Moon Bay, California

Half Moon Bay, California is my favorite place in the world.

When my dad was a transplant patient at Stanford Medical Hospital, we would drive out from Palo Alto to the coast, get tacos at Three Amigos, and sit on the beach.

half moon bay state beach

I’ve been back as often as I could go. The summer after my freshman year of college, my best friend (and the best man at my wedding) and I went to California, and on the way home, stopped there. We saw dolphins swimming close enough to shore it was as if we could walk out and touch them.

I took my husband on our honeymoon, and we stayed a couple days in a cute little bed and breakfast. We went a second time on vacation a couple years ago.

Now my sister lives about thirty minutes away, so when I went to visit her, we decided to head out to the quaint little downtown area.

half moon bay wine and cheese

We stopped at one of my favorite shops that’s been there forever—the Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese shop. Mister BS and I had bought picnic supplies there on our last visit, but my sister hadn’t ever been. They do tastings of lots of local and regional wines, and since it was a warm day, we shared flights of rosés and white wines.

rose at HMB wine

They have a pretty broad selection of regional wines from the California area. Life goal: to have a wine room that needs a library style shelf.

wine library at HMB wine

We walked around and had dessert before dinner. We are adults and can do what we want. I had this raspberry petite four from a local bakery, and while delicious, was actually too sweet and rich for me to eat the entire thing (which may have been a first).

raspberry chocolate cake

The view from downtown is amazing. Just behind the streets, the hills rise up, beautiful and green and rolling, until they meet the bluest of blue skies.

half moon bay hills

We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Pasta Moon.

Then we went out to the beach. Even though it was a bit overcast, it’s still one of the most beautiful places on earth.

half moon bay sunset

I got the cutest pictures of my sister. She, however, is not much of a photographer, and I was halfway out of the frame, eyes closed, or out of focus for most of the shots. But she did get a couple of good photos, and I won’t hold her lack of skill against her since she let me borrow this fun, long sleeved dress.

Molly jean jacket HMB 2

I had never ordered a dress from Igigi, because they just don’t look like my style, and I usually stay away from floral prints. But I really liked the long sleeves, flattering cut, color palette, and quality of the fabric, so I might try ordering from them in the future. I happened to have my Kate Spade necklace to pair with it, and I hope my sister didn’t ruin it when she was helping me put on stray sunscreen.


molly at half moon bay

I’m so glad my sister is now living so close to Half Moon Bay and weekend getaways are now possible!

Do you have a favorite sleepy town to visit? 

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  • Oh so gorgeous. When we visited the coast, we ended up in Carmel and then down to Big Sur. We didn’t visit Half Moon Bay, but I had heard good things. As if it wasn’t gorgeous enough in these photos… that pasta and petite four are enough to convince me to go… yum! I personally LOVE the great lakes region. There are so many fun little towns clustered around the lakes. Everyone is so friendly, and life is slowly paced, and it’s just lovely up there in the summer. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • This looks like such a gorgeous place! And dessert before dinner sounds pretty wonderful (and still like a “treat”) to me! Especially when dessert is followed by yummy pasta!

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