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Brunch + Beach in Malibu

For all the times my brother has taken me up to Zuma Beach in Malibu, we’ve never actually eaten there or down any other sightseeing. It’s a good 45 minute trek from his place in Burbank, but it’s one of our favorite beaches to go to because it’s usually quiet and empty.

Last time I visited, I decided we finally had to do brunch. After scoping out a lot of popular beachfront dining options, I settled on Malibu Farm. It’s menu was simple and healthy with plenty of vegetarian options, which is just style.

malibu farm cafe

It sits right on the pier, with both indoor and patio seating. There’s a cute (overpriced) shop to peruse while you wait for your table. What’s more enjoyable is to walk up and down the pier admiring the view.

malibu coastline

After about twenty minutes, we were seated inside. The interior is very minimalistic and beachy-rustic.

malibu farm restaurant

Of course we had to order some cocktails. They are all made with the simplest, highest quality ingredients. I chose a jalapeño lime margarita, and it was heavenly. I disastrously tried to infuse my own tequila with jalapeño for margaritas for a family get together, and even though I used it with mango, thinking the sweet would balance the spicy, it was WAY too much heat and no one would drink it. But the Malibu Farm mixologist knew what he or she was doing, and damn, was it smooth with just the perfect amount of kick.

margarita at malibu

For an appetizer, we had the cauliflower crust pizza. I love cauliflower, but even though I’ve seen the recipes, I haven’t tried to make a cauliflower crust pizza. Now, I definitely want to, because it was amazing. Even my brother, who was skeptical and is a bit of a pizza purist, was down with it.

cauliflower crust pizza malibu farm

For my entree, I had the grilled veggie and hummus sandwich. It was huge! I ended up giving half to my sister-in-law and trying the kale salad she ordered.

vegetarian sandwich at malibu farm

After a relaxing lunch, we headed to the beach just off the pier and watched a surfing class practice, sipped on some chilled rosé, and read. It was the best way to pass a lazy Sunday.

malibu surfing

I’m definitely looking forward to many more brunches in Malibu, as it’s the perfect halfway point between Santa Barbara and Burbank, where my brother and sister-in-law live. I’ll be scoping out all the best brunch spots!

brunch and beach in malibu


What’s your favorite Southern California getaway? 

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