When in Doubt Wear Pink

Monday morning I woke up and felt ugggghhhh.

The stress of apartment hunting and the move and impending new job and my mom and WOW I was overwhelmed.

I was doubting all of my decisions and choices. Doubting if I was doing the right thing.

So I rolled out of bed and put on a pink dress.

When in doubt, wear pink.

Molly Ralph Lauren vintage purse

I’ve become a big fan of Land’s End dresses this spring. The fabric is high quality, the cut is flattering, and it’s effortlessly chic while still being incredibly comfortable.

I’ve had this houndstooth cardigan from Target for years and am already mourning the day it bites the dust. It’s lasted incredibly well for a bargain cardi, and I love the print.

My purse is vintage Ralph Lauren. It was my mom’s, and I stole it in high school and still carry it to this day. I love the shape and the leather has held up incredibly well. The timeless style is again, effortless. Molly in Pink Lands End Dress

I still don’t know how I feel about these Michael Kors flats. They’re a really high quality leather and very soft, but I still prefer my Borns.

I now have two outfits to wear this flower studded pearl necklace with, which is great. I always buy jewelry and then never wear it. It always feels too dressy, and I’m a fan of Coco Chanel’s “take one thing off before leaving the house” rule. But with this outfit, it seems to add that something special and makes me feel put together.

Molly pink and houdstooth

A bright pink dress—or your favorite color—can instantly brighten your day. That’s the power of spending a few extra minutes on your appearance in the morning. It really can improve your mood and give you a boost of confidence. It took me years to learn that (and to be comfortable in my own body enough to allow it to have those effects) but I’m glad I finally did.

What’s your go-to outfit for improving your mood? 

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  • What a beautiful dress! On days I need a boost, I’ll curl my hair – there’s just something about the lightness and bounce of a curl that just brightens my day. 🙂

  • Sorry to hear about the stress, and things with your mom especially. Saw that on IG. My mom has health issues as well, so I can empathize. : / I agree that clothes can set the mood. We flew back from vacation/conference yesterday, so I wanted to keep it simple on this casual Friday. But i did pick up a graphic tee on my trip that says “Let the sun shine” so I’m wearing that with green sandals. 🙂 Not totally helping so far… but our office is a wreck right now. It could only do so much. haha XO – Alexandra

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