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I write these goal posts for myself, but I’m surprised how much I enjoy reading these type of posts from others. I want blogging to be about community, and sharing personal ambitions and struggles and supporting other bloggers who share their own definitely contributes to a sense of community, at least for me.

small goals

I didn’t post about goals in June because I was just planning for the year ahead on my birthday. But I’m happy to report that over the last two months, I’ve made real progress on all those items.

Take more pictures.

I took a lot of photos on vacation! I haven’t even shared most of them, just because I’ve been so incredible busy with work and the impending move (a week! OMG). But really, this is about practicing so I can improve my skills, and I definitely think some of my beach pictures were good, even though they weren’t taken at ideal times.

Practice yoga and meditation.

I’ve been hit or miss with this. Meditation is quicker and easier than an entire yoga session, so I’ve definitely done that more. I’m planning on looking for a studio after I move so I can get to the mat more. I checked out some meditation audiobooks and have been experimenting with how I like listening to those, and want to explore other ways to integrate it into my life.

No library fines.

I did really well! Mister BS was supposed to return a book for me while I was in Chicago and forgot but those were the only fines I accumulated and it was less than a dollar.

Take more outfit pictures.

Even though I feel like my photography skills have been improving, I won’t say the same for Mister BS, who takes most of my photos of outfits. Also, I am not much of a model. I did get a couple with my sister in Half Moon Bay and Mister BS did okay with these pictures of me in my hot pink dress. We’ve done a couple other shoots that are okay that I might share. When it’s so hot and humid spending more than five minutes outside to take photos is impossible. We’ll see how this goes in the future.

I’ll be living alone in a new city soon, and won’t have someone to take my picture, but the real point has been getting dressed up and feeling positive about my appearance. Since my new job doesn’t have quite the lax dress code that Lawrence has, I’ll be doing that anyway, and with such beautiful weather, it’s easier to want to put in the effort.

Write 5,000 words of fiction.

I definitely accomplished this! I wrote several new scenes for one WIP, and was inspired to play with a new idea, too. Once I’m settled in my new routine, I plan on making a regular writing schedule and sticking to it. Yay!

July Goals

July is all about the move and getting settled, so I’m not going to stress myself out too much.

1 – set a new budget.

With a new job and a new apartment comes a new salary and new income. That means I also need a new budget. Moving is expensive!

2 – visit a winery.

This is one from my birthday goals for the year, and there’s no time like the present to get started! I’m really excited to explore Santa Barbara wine country.

3 – send postcards to friends and family.

I want to make a good habit of sending out real letters every month, but this batch will be to a big group letting them know my new address.

4 – get new plants.

I’m so excited about my new apartment, and I plan to have new plants before my new furniture is even delivered. Since I won’t have my cats, I plan on being a crazy plant lady!

Plus, I think cultivating plants is all about nurturing a living thing, putting down roots, and learning to thrive. Seems like a good goal.

5 – try out Snapchat.

I’m usually an early adopter of social media, but I haven’t much been into Snapchat. Mister BS loves it though, and even though I’d normally just text him pics and videos to keep in touch, I’m going to try out Snapchat and make a real effort with it. (My really original name is [mollywetta] if you want to follow along.

What are your goals this month? 

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  • Kelly Jensen

    Take your own outfit photos, yo! Self-timer is your friend on your camera. Spend some time learning it, and then you’ll figure out where you need to place the camera, how fast you can move to be in front of it, and voila!

    • I even have a DSLR and a tripod so you’re right, I could totally do that myself. I’ve done it for group photos, but it’s trickier to focus without your subject. BUT it could be done. And if I just get over myself running back and forth and looking like an idiot, I could totally do it with some practice.

  • Your July goals are all great! I definitely need to set a new budget up, I’ve been splurging a lot recently. I also am hoping to visit a winery this month too! I’m buying a bike in a few weeks and there is a cool biking trail where you can bike to wineries so I’m really wanting to get that crossed off my summer list. Good luck with the move!

  • Love your goals! I don’t know if you’re an online budget kind of gal but I’ve been using Mint for years and my husband and I both love it! (also it’s free!)

    • You know, in my previous life I worked in finance and totally used online tools, and have gotten pretty lazy about it since changing careers but I should explore those kind of tools. I’ve heard it’s useful!

  • I love reading others’ goal posts as well, and I think it helps give me momentum to stay on top of my own goals. I think you did well in June! I’d love to take more pictures with my actual camera, as opposed to my phone–it’s kind of sad how rarely I bust out the “real” camera these days. I love your July goals as well–I hope you make that winery visit this month! Also–going to add you on snapchat now 🙂

    • I started just lugging around my DSLR with me most of the time, and have been working on using it more, and that helps. But yeah, it’s bulky compared to my iphone. The winery visit is happening! Living on an urban wine trail is going to make it 100% easy.

      • I just need to start taking it places, I know that would help a ton. And wow, it sounds like your new home is going to be in an amazing location. Jealous over here 🙂 Enjoy!!

  • Ah great list. I love reading others’ goal posts too. So much fun, especially being super goal-oriented myself. Seems like you did really well for June. Still working on my recap for goals tomorrow.. but I did OK too. I’d really like to make the most of the rest of the summer. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Having a fiction-writing goal is a great idea, and it’s awesome that you did so well with it! I struggle to actually sit down and write, and I wonder if having a similar goal would help… Oh, and I have been reluctant to explore Snapchat more myself–I haven’t branched out much from two friends who snap me pictures of their pets! Sad! 🙂

  • I’m obsessed with goals myself, so I loved reading yours. I just started Snapchat as well, though I mostly use it like texting.

    Here are my goals if you’d like to check them out (I’m super late posting them this month…):