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Hex the Patriarchy

I’m saying goodbye to one of the most beautiful libraries in America today, which makes me a little sad (but also excited!!!). And when I’m sad (and also excited!!!), I like to wear red lipstick and awesome t-shirts.

Luckily I just got this Harry Potter Alliance “Hex the Patriarchy” shirt when I was in Orlando for the ALA Annual Conference. It’s my new feel-good t-shirt. I love the Harry Potter Alliance, since it’s the intersection of two of my favorites: fandom and activism.

hex the patriarchy 3
I love Lawrence, and I love this library. Both have changed my life in countless ways. I grew up loving Lawrence for Saturday lunches at Paradise Café as a kid, then vintage shops and all ages concerts in high school, and made it my home when I went to the University of Kansas for my undergraduate degrees and then my first stint of graduate school.

I got my first job at the library after quitting my terrible job in finance and banking without even a hint of a backup plan other than going back to school for a Masters in Social Welfare. And found my calling in public libraries and decided to go to library school instead. My job is the intersection of social justice and books! It’s perfect.

Best of all, Lawrence and the library are both places that I feel completely myself. And I can wear a graphic t-shirt, comfy stretchy pencil shirt, and my slip on Vans to work.

hex the patriarchy laughing

In fact, I’m so comfortable at work, it’s no big deal when I trip over my own feet and wipeout in the hallway and skin my knee in front of everyone. I just laugh and brush myself off. Hence the angry looking red scrape on my leg.

hex the patriarchy library 3

I’m going to miss that whole casual dress code…but hey, excuse to buy more cute dresses and flats, so not so bad? And new California adventures await! I’m escaping the humidity!

skirt: Old Navy | similar
t-shirt: Harry Potter Alliance | similar
Vans | exact
bag: Coach | similar

The fact that my book matches my outfit is a complete coincidence. Really. It’s assigned reading for the Legacy and Impact of Harry Potter class I’m taking this summer (this is a thing librarians study in an academic context — I’m not making it up). Because of course I’m taking that class.

hex the patriarchy sungalsses

Leaving such a supportive, fun, work environment is tough. But, as Mister BS would say, the future’s looking so bright, I gotta wear shades. His WalMart mirrored aviators, to be exact. I still need to order new prescription sunglasses to replace the pair I lost in the ocean. I’m going to need my own sunglasses in California!

hex the patriarchy with books

Can a chubby, clumsy, geeky t-shirt wearing, bad pun making, library loving nerd make it in California?

One thing’s for certain: it will be an adventure.

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  • Bittersweet. Enjoy your last day. That will be a hard change, but I am sure a worthwhile one. 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Wow, there are work environments that are both fun and supportive? I can’t believe it! I mean, I’m jealous. LOL. Here’s wishing you the best in you CA adventures!