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I’ve decided that goal posts every two months works for me. It’s crazy it’s been two months since July, and that I’ve been living in Santa Barbara for almost two months. It’s been somehow both effortless and really challenging to adjust to a new city, a new job, and to do it all alone. I’m more tired that I ever remember being, and I’ve had weird anxiety dreams more often than I ever did before. But I feel like I’m settling in at work and maybe even ready to start trying to be more social.

I did successfully keep all of my July goals, which I’m quite proud of.

small goals


I’m going going to lie, moving is expensive, and I’ve spent a lot of money setting up my new apartment and buying new shoes because I can’t wear my Birkenstocks to work. (Everyone will be happy to know I found black flats). Now the real budgeting sets in. I have a handle on what all my bills are and what my paychecks look like, so it’s time to start saving.

Visit a winery. 

Yes, this happened. My brother and sister-in-law came up for a weekend and we hit up three downtown wine tasting shops. I’m going to go back to my favorite with Mister BS when he visits!

Send mail, just because. 

I did a fabulous job of sending postcards, though I still have some people I missed and want to send letters to. Basically I need to remember to go get stamps.

New plants. 

I am happy to report I am well on my way to being a plant lady (since I can’t be a cat lady). I have two succulents, a fiddle leaf fig tree, and a Madagascar dragon tree in my new place already, and I am going to pick up more this weekend with Nathan when we have a car (but I will tell you, transporting trees from the farmer’s market in an Uber is interesting…) I feel a post on taking care of plants and where to buy supplies coming up.


I’m still not a daily Snapchat user, but I have been remembering to snap Mister BS several times a week. I’m just not as funny or clever as him, so I need more practice.

September and October Goals

1 – Make a MeetUp account and try a few social activities.

I’m very much an introvert, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need some socializing. What’s the point of moving to a new city if all I do is go to work and go home? I want to meet some new, local people beyond my co-workers and push myself out of my comfort zone.

2 – Try four new recipes.

I’ve been really into my favorite comfort foods like broccoli toast (which I’ve been making on tortillas since there is no decent bakery in downtown Santa Barbara) and chickpea, cauliflower, and avocado wraps – which is fine, of course, but I want to figure out some other meals that are healthy, quick, and make enough for just two meals. I mean other than kale salads.

3 – Pilates and running twice a week.

That means working out four times total beyond the regular walking I do now that I don’t have my car with me. California makes me want to be more active.

4 – Practice with Adobe Creative Suite.

I did some basic photoshop tutorials, but haven’t played around much in the other applications. I’m paying for this, and I want to use it. Luckily, my LPL library card works and I have access to for some free training.

5 – Make some shrubs to up my craft cocktail game.

I bought some shrubs from a local craft cocktail supply store. One was amazing, one was not that great (even though it sounded good). I want to experiment with making my own and try different flavor combinations.

What are your goals for the next several weeks? 

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  • Awesome! So glad you were able to complete all of your July goals. 🙂 I can’t imagine moving across the country, adjusting, being away from my cats/hubby, etc. etc. Glad it’s working out for you mostly. Not wanting to be nosy, but will you all consolidate out there at some point? (terribly curious, apologies if that *is* nosy!) I mostly hope to keep making fewer plans, to keep our schedule at a reasonable level. I also have a little niece or nephew on the way, and my SIL is getting married, as well as one of my best friends. All between Feb and July of next year…. so I’ll probably start thinking out shower/party/gift/etc. ideas for those things! 🙂 Good luck with your September goals! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Being away from my cats and the Mister has been a challenge! But yes he is planning on moving out here. He had already renewed his teaching contract and didn’t want to abandon his special ed kids, and also kept working at the library part-time during the school year, so he didn’t want to leave (yes it’s ironic that I left a month after he started working there). And not nosy at all!

      I hear you about keeping a schedule at a reasonable level. You all seem to go-go-go with all your travel! Good luck with all your party planning!

      • Oh that’s good! I understand. I think I would be a wreck hanging out with KC so much.

        Yes, we definitely have been TOO BUSY for TOO LONG. – the all caps seems necessary. I’m trying to limit things to once per weekend if possible, so when other social things turn up , we feel better about saying yes and aren’t so swamped! 🙂

  • Colleen Wilshire

    Killer job on your July goals! That’s huge stuff!

    I love your goals for the next two months. Getting out of your comfort zone with some new activities and trying some new recipes are both things I could work on also! Best of luck to you. XO



    • Thanks! Yes, lots of big stuff happening lately, and I’m looking forward to settling into a routine.

  • Nice job on July! I enjoy your California snapchats 🙂 And okay, I am not much of a cocktail connoisseur (especially right now!) but what is a shrub? I’m thinking the thing that grows in the yard… so I’m sure that’s not right. Anyway, good luck with September and October!

  • I’m so behind on checking out other people’s small goals this month! I hope yours are going well so far! I used MeetUp a few times when I lived in San Diego a few years ago and thought it was a cool way to meet new people and try some new things. I hope you find success with it! I would also suggest trying the Hawaiian BBQ Tofu Bowl recipe that you can find on Pinterest. It’s basically the bomb and we have put it in regular rotation in my house.

    • Oh I totally understand – I do my blog reading in binges, mostly.

      Good to know you had a fun meetup experience. I made an account and checked out some new stuff, but there were no book clubs, which was a bummer.

      I will check out that tofu bowl recipe!