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Santa Barbara Like a Local

Finally Mister BS got to visit Santa Barbara!

I’m not going to lie: living apart has been more challenging than I anticipated. But that’s a subject for another post. Today, I just want to share the fun times when we’re together.

I had initially planned our weekend like a vacation. With an itinerary and everything. I made restaurants at a fancy restaurant The Lark and figured we’d go to The Mission and The Natural History Museum.

We didn’t do any of that.

Instead, we hung out in Santa Barbara like the local I am.

We had lunch and cupcakes at Crushcakes. (Okay, we got cupcakes there twice. Mister BS wanted to go back for pie when we drove by their second location on the way to return the rental car).

We walked around downtown, ate at the very vegan and vegetarian friendly (and cheap!) local chain The Natural Cafe. We went to the Farmer’s Market and Trader Joe’s and BevMo and to the plant store.


We got fancy whiskey and had cocktails at home instead of going out to the bars I’ve been meaning to try.

cheers to angel's envy whiskey

We snuggled up in bed and read books together, like our normal Friday night.


We made lunch and dinner at home—my hummus and falafel wraps with fresh farmer’s market veggies, and an easy vegetarian korma recipe.

We went to Butterfly beach.

We got ice cream and McConnell’s (twice, like the cupcakes, you can’t do it just once) and had pizza at Paxti’s.

My brother spent a night with us, and we played Settlers of Catan.


Mostly, we just hung out. Doing our thing. Spending time together. Smiling like goofballs.


We spent two month apart, and I won’t see him again until I go back to Lawrence in November two months from now.

At least he liked Santa Barbara. We spent an evening walking around my neighborhood and he taught me to play PokémonGo. He marveled at all the plants and succulents and the way the yards were landscaped. He liked my neighborhood and the apartment.

I can’t wait until he’s a Santa Barbara local, too. Lawrence may always be home in my heart, but I like it here just fine—especially when we’re together.


For now, Santa Barbara is home.

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  • This sounds like a nice visit. Just hanging out together is my favorite way to be with KC too. 🙂 Glad you got to hang out and explore the everyday parts of Santa Barbara together. Oh Catan… we used to play a lot… but I’m kind of tired of those times when no one will trade with each other.. and no one will stop asking to trade. It takes FOREVER. LOL Everyone else has been wanting to play again though, so maybe I should cave. 😛 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Haha, I love Catan, but only because no one will ever play Risk with me – that’s one that takes FOREVER.