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Succulent Gardening + Trip to Terra Sol

Mister BS finally got to visit Santa Barbara! I had all these adventures planned. We were going to visit the Mission and the Natural History Museum. We were going to go wine tasting and eat at a fancy restaurant. We were going to go to the farmer’s market and the beach and plant succulents.

Turns out, we ditched the touristy stuff and just did the second half of our plans. We focused on the everyday experiences and did what we would do on a normal weekend back in Lawrence. Errands, relaxing, and a project around the house.

It was perfect.



The week before, I’d been running errands, and I had to take the bus to do so. What started out as a chore turned into a fun adventure when I discovered that a nursery was just down the street from the bus stop. I spent a good while roaming around their gardens. Back in Lawrence, Mister BS is the one with the green thumb, and he loves taking care of our succulents. I wanted to expand my fledgling collection, and decided to wait until we could go back together and pick some out. (Plus, that way I wouldn’t have to transport them on the bus, since he was planning on renting a car).

Terra Sol Garden Center in Santa Barbara: Succulent and Cactus Paradise

Terra Sol was an amazing garden center with a fantastic selection of succulents, houseplants, fruit trees, cacti, as well as other accessories like pots and glass and other outdoor decor like statues. They even had a black cat helping at the checkout line.



He loved it just as much as I thought. Picking out the succulents and the pots together was a lot of fun, and I appreciated his expertise. He had gone to some Master Gardener programs at the library after I moved, and had some helpful tips about container gardening.

Tips for Container Gardens with Succulents

First, he said we needed to balance the number of “thrillers, fillers, and spillers” in our pots. Thrillers are the tall, dramatic plants; fillers are the ones that multiply fast and and fill the space in the pots; and spillers are the ones that cascade over the edges. The right mix of all three creates a pleasing, balanced container garden.

We also selected plants in a coordinating color scheme that complemented the planters I’d chose. In fact, I’d highly recommend picking out your container before choosing plants—this made it far easier to narrow down our selections.

When we got back to my apartment, we brought all our supplies out to the yard and started planting.






I’ll share a bit more about what we did on our long holiday weekend, but this was probably my favorite activity. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I feel like Mister BS had some say in shaping what will be our new apartment when he moves to Santa Barbara next May.

What are your favorite date night activities? 

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