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Favorite Fall Soups

This morning it was chilly and overcast, and even though I know I won’t have “real” fall here on the Central Coast for a few more months, it felt like soup weather today.

Soups are great for me now, because they are one of the few things I don’t mind eating as leftovers, and it’s actually easy to cut down on the proportions and make smaller batches. I’m definitely going to be experimenting with more soup recipes this fall, but for now, here are my favorites.


Easy Vegetarian Chili

chili and cinnamon rolls

There are about a million ways to make chili, but this simple recipe is my go-to version. All it takes is some onions and tomatoes, a bunch of beans, and a load of spices. Veggie crumbles are optional, but nice, addition!

Vegetable Chowder

vegetable chowder | librarian style

This veggie chowder is NOT vegan, but is oh, so, good. It is chocked full of veggies and I usually don’t use cream and instead use 2% milk, which lightens it up. Skim milk make it too watery, however.

Black Bean Soup

vegan-black-bean-soup recipe | librarian style

Mister BS and I spent a lot of time perfecting this recipe for vegan Black Bean Soup. There are lots of variations out there, but ours is the best (well, according to us!).

West African Peanut Soup

spicy african sweet potato soup

This West African Peanut Soup is a very unusual soup (peanut butter? what?) but it is SO GOOD. It’s got a lot of depth of flavor and is also very good for you—which makes it a win in my book. 

Gypsy Soup

gypsy soup

This vegetarian Gypsy Soup is bit spicy and a little bit sweet, this is easily customizable with whatever veggies you have on hand and is totally delicious. It’s originally adapted from the Moosewood Cookbook, one of my all-time favorites.

Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Soups

In order to make the best soups, I realized I didn’t have all of my preferred kitchen tools since moving. When I go home next time, these will be coming back to California with me.

First off, my Le Creuset enameled cast iron pot (which I got as a gift from my mom, who I’m sure found it on deep discount at TJ Maxx. A Cuisinart or Wolfgang Puck or other less pricey brand would totally work). Now the question is—can I really safely pack in a suitcase and bring it back with me? It weighs 13 pounds, so it will take a up a good chunk of the weight limit, but I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it.

Second, my immersion blender. This is a must! The Cuisinart version has stood the test of time, and I use it for sauces and dips, too, not just soups.

And how have I made it over two months without my garlic press! Seriously, I have been chopping lots of garlic, and there is a better way, my friend. A press. Mister BS doesn’t want to part with this.

What is your favorite soup recipe? 

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  • My immersion blender is the best appliance I have! So simple!

  • Even though we’re back to the 90s here in KC this week, I’ve had soup on the brain too and have made it at least once a week the past couple of weeks. I love black bean soup and that peanut soup sounds really interesting! Usually peanut-anything is a winner with me.

    • I should really get over that “soup is for cold weather” mentality and just make it all the time. Because it’s the only thing I actually like as leftovers.

      • Sometimes it just doesn’t sound good when it’s hot out, but I agree that you just can’t beat it for leftovers. It’s one of the few things that actually tastes better the longer it sits. Something to be said though for soup on a chilly day!