Weekend Reading | Vol. 14

I’m taking it easy this weekend and plan on doing some cooking, cleaning, and reading. Not only has real life been stressful lately (super busy at work!) but the news is wearing on my too, from more police shootings of innocent black men to lots of drama in the world of young adult literature and librarianship. So it’s time for some self-care and recharging before a busy week and traveling for a work conference.

Bright moments of the week: kitten and whiskey mail from dear friends and family, ice cream truck at the city employees barbecue, and reading Dear Reader, a book that should be on the top of your 2017 summer reading list. Don’t worry, I’ll be talking about it a lot more closer to release so you don’t forget!


This adorable and accurate post reimagines heroines from classic literature if they attended college now.

I am here for books that call bullshit on diet culture.


Broccoli toast may be a fave of mine, but given how much I love cauliflower, I can’t wait to try this recipe.

I’ve been craving my mom’s cheesy broccoli rice casserole, but I’m going to make this lightened up version from Cookie + Kate.


I’ve somehow become a hat person since moving to Santa Barbara. It’s usually sunny (in the afternoons, if not in the morning) and I hate switching out my sunglasses and eyeglasses when running errands (yes I need to get my prescription updated so I can get new prescription sunglasses, too). So I’ve also decided I need a trucker hat to wear to the beach, and am currently thinking about a Vans trucker hat. I can’t decide on the style, though. They’re only like $20, so maybe if I like one I can add a couple styles.

Score of the week: I found the cutest Lucky Brand leather booties at Marshall’s for $50 — then saw the exact same style at Macy’s for $100 (on sale).


How might a 3D model of the clitoris empower men and women?

The music video for “Soy Yo” is everything. If only my 11-year-old self could see this fierce little girl.


Last weekend I missed Bill Murray bartending at his son’s bar in NYC. It probably has a lot to do with repeatedly watching Groundhog Day and the number of times he quoted the movie (and other Bill Murray movies), but he always reminds me of my own father who died when I was a teenager. And then I think about how my dad died before Wes Anderson made movies, and I get sad all over again at the injustice of the world.

Speaking of dying parents, this Dear Sugars column was just what I needed this week. I’m nursing a lot of guilt over not being with my mom as she’s undergoing (more) cancer treatment, and this helped. My mom’s actually responding well to the treatment she’s getting at MD Anderson, and I’m so proud of her for taking the trips solo now. Honestly, had I known she’d fall out of remission, I probably wouldn’t have taken this job and moved all the way across the country, but now that I have, I’m trying to make the most of it. But I think of all the trials our relationship has survived, and I know we will get through this.

How was your week? 

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  • I never seen that Cookie + Kate. Going to be busy there for a while now.

    • OMG it is my #1 favorite recipe blog! She is the best! You are going to have quick healthy tasty meals for weeks. I swear.