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Halloween Decorations Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday by any stretch, so Halloween decorations are not at the top of my to-do list.  But I am competitive, so when some co-workers decided to enter the local downtown organizations Halloween window display contest, I was all in. Someone brilliantly suggested we use Edgar Allan Poe as a theme since it was spooky and literary, and we ran with it.


It all came together so well, in fact, we actually won first place! Most of the items we borrowed from library staff, like the awesome jewelry tree that was perfect for perching our ravens on, and the spooky candelabra, and the bell jar or cloche to cover the “tell-tale heart” we bought from the Halloween Store.


I designed the posters using a creative commons transparent anatomical heart and, plus printed a portrait of Poe. And can you believe that someone had that wonderful edition of The Tell-tale Heart and other stories? It was perfect. This is perfect for a library display or home decorating for a holiday part, and was easy and inexpensive to put together.


Edgar Allan Poe Halloween Decorations

You will need:

These decorations can be achieved with a lot of things you already own! Spooky but elegant, these are classy Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank. Take inspiration from some of Poe’s other books, too—some bricks and a wine bottle for “The Cask of Amontillado”, a pendulum from “The Pit and the Pendulum”, masks for “The Mask of Red Death”—there are endless options to personalize it.

Do you decorate for Halloween? What’s your favorite theme for a library or bookstore display? 

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