Plants You Can’t Kill

Guys, I love plants. But I have realized I’m not nearly as good at tending them as Mister BS.


One of about 57,368 reasons why I can’t wait for him to move out to Santa Barbara.

I’ve killed some plants since moving here. My fiddle leaf fig tree, and my mother of pearls succulents. Others aren’t thriving—at least not like the jungle back in Lawrence that has taken over our entire house.

Mister BS gives me a FaceTime tour of our Lawrence house every now and then, and even with the cats, his succulents are doing amazing! I am seriously jealous of his jungle.

He also inherited a ton of plants from his grandma when she passed earlier in the fall, and I am so sad that they can’t come with him when he moves. He’ll have a great time finding them new homes with friends.

Meanwhile, I’m doing the best I can to take care of what I have, and wait for Mister BS to expand our collection and also make me tons of macrame plant hangers since I have a huge window that faces the street that I’d love to camouflage with plants.

But I still want more green in my apartment, so I’m currently on the hunt for more plants. In a non-traditional sense.

I love this cactus DIY from A Beautiful Mess! ABM cactus DIY

I’m not actually sure I would even add the lights to make it a marquee sign. Just a big sculptural piece of painted wood would suit me. Anthropologie had an awesome window installation of paper mâché cacti, and that would work too.

These stained-glass cactus sculptures from Bespoke Glass are so gorgeous. I’m waiting for more to be available in the new year. (Follow the instagram to find out when they are back in stock!)

green stained glass cactus sculpture bespoke glass

These night lights are too cute! I’d love to have one in my entranceway waiting for me when I get home. green cactus goodnight light

My other plan to bring greenery into my home without feeling like a plant murderer: buying fresh flowers! I’ve had great luck at the farmer’s market getting cheap, beautiful fresh bouquets. I’ve also spotted killer deals at Trader Joe’s for all kinds of beautiful blooms. flowers in pitcher

I never bought flowers before I moved to Santa Barbara. I think this was because my house was always cluttered, I didn’t have good vases, and I didn’t have a sensible place to display them. Plus, I always thought florist delivered bouquets were ridiculously expensive. But buying your own fresh flowers is a great way to add life and color to your home.

kate spade vase copper vase

I’ve got my eye on this Kate Spade vase as well as a copper vase so I have more options for displaying fresh flowers.

I love plants, and I have big windows that will support my jungle—but that doesn’t mean I can’t find other ways to bring green into my home.

How do you keep plants alive? What’s your favorite type? 

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  • I have the blackest thumb. I have goals not to someday!! XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • To me, it seems like there’s only so much you can learn. The rest is instinct. But now that I don’t have pets I just want life in my house somehow! I’m going to keep trying.

  • This is my kind of plant buying!! I love the cactus stained glass sculpture, how adorable. And I sometimes forget about fresh flowers, but they really do add so much to a room. I need to make a Trader Joe’s visit soon!
    Also, my husband is also so much better at taking care of plants than I am–when we had plants he was the only one who remembered to water them! But the funny thing is I’m the one who always remembers to feed our dog… luckily we both are able to keep the kids fed, ha! 😉