A Rug that Will Tie the Room Together


I love my new apartment.

In December, when my old place flooded, I was really frustrated and upset. Then, the opportunity to move into the completely renovated place next door (with more cabinets, counters, and new wood floors!) came up, and I was like yesssss.

Okay, the night before I was scheduled to move, I freaked out and called my sister contemplating pulling out of the deal (I hadn’t signed a new lease). The prospect of committing to another year in Santa Barbara, as opposed to just six months, plus the reality of not having the cats move when Mister BS came out west, was freaking me out.

Even though I hadn’t accumulated all that much stuff since moving in (remember, I came to California with two suitcases and that’s about it), the prospect of moving it all next door completely on my own was daunting. But she calmed me down and I decided in the end, the slightly higher rent and hassle of switching over my utilities was worth it.

I am so glad I didn’t let my anxiety talk me out of it. I love my new place, and I can see Mister BS and me being happy hear for as long as we live in Santa Barbara (which, more and more, I hope is for a long time).

Now that I have wood floors, a new rug has shot to the top of my apartment wishlist.

But I’m torn. The new apartment is painted this cool grey with white trim and has dark wood laminate floors. It’s gets great light.

The new couch I got from Nickelodeon Studios courtesy of my sister-in-law is bright cobalt blue velvet.

I kind of love it.

My couch in Lawrence that presumably Mister BS was going to move out here is a nice, neutral grey. Longer than the apartment sofa sized blue velvet, and a bit more comfortable (we can both lounge and read on it, which is nice).

So, I’m not sure which one we’ll actually end up keeping. The couch is definitely the biggest piece of furniture we plan on moving, and it might end up being less expensive to just sell it on Craig’s List. But, I do really like it, and if we can move it, I think I prefer it to the blue one. We still have my new orange chair for a splash of color.

My dilemma: pick a rug that will tie the room together whether I have my grey, modern tufted sofa or my blue velvet number.

Also, find one that is reasonably priced.

Right now, I’m leaning toward the white and grey diamond pattern Morocco rug. It’d go in any room! I can add pops of color with accessories if I do end up going with the grey sofa.

But I love the statement of a big, bold, colorful rug, too. My bedroom is very blue and grey neutral, and so I like the living room being a bit funky and eclectic.

modern cross grey and ivory rug

beige and turquoise rug

oriental medallion rug

Moroccan grey and white diamond rug

white and grey diamond rug

colorful Moroccan rug

blue and orange rug

featherbone rug

Orson triangle rug

I love the style of West Elm rugs, and I checked out rugs at Target and World Market, too – but didn’t find any I was in love with. I’ve even found some on Amazon that I love.

Basically, a rug feels like such a big, important purchase, I’m hesitating.

I need a rug that will tie the room together. Just like Lebowski, all the dude wanted was his rug.

I’ll just be over here, debating color schemes.

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