My Week of Eating Like a Movie Star with The Ranch Daily

I received a complimentary trial of The Ranch Daily but that didn’t influence my opinion of the service. 

After being married for ten years, I got used to planning meals and cooking for two. And having someone to take turns doing the dishes.

Living apart from Mister BS for almost a year has cramped my kitchen style. I can’t wait until he’s here to cook with me again! We had a lot of fun over the holidays and I am counting down the weeks until we’re living together full time again.

It’s just not as much fun to cook dinner when you’re usually eating alone, and cutting back on waste is tricky, too.

Which is why when I had the chance to have 3 healthy, vegan meals shipped to my door each morning, I jumped at the chance. No shopping, no cooking, and no guilt. It sounded like the perfect meal plan.

The Ranch Malibu is a wellness retreat. Like a luxury spa plus boot camp designed to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. It’s a vacation where you workout and don’t indulge in wine and dessert.

Which might not be my idea of vacation (I’ll take my wine and dessert, please and thank you), but for regular life, sounds great. Now, those who live in southern California can get the meal plan delivered to their home, and it turned out to be way better than I expected.

I don’t often feel like a movie star, but seriously, The Ranch Daily offers the movie star treatment. I even had breakfast in bed.

blueberry breakfast from the ranch malibu

The meals are magically delivered to your doorstep in a cooler by 6 am. I sipped my coffee and replied to emails while munching on this breakfast bar. The blueberries were an unexpected bonus!

My favorite meal of the free trial was the lentil tacos. So simple, yet so tasty. The sauce was seriously flavorful and I felt full and satisfied.

Not only did I get a full three meals and two snacks each day, it also came with a side salad each day, and the dressings were fantastic. I love a good homemade dressing, but whipping up a different variety all the time can take a lot of individual ingredients. Having the perfect portion to pair with my greens already made for me was convenient.

It was easy to heat the dinners, but I loved that the lunches were salads that could be eaten raw. I like to take my lunch to the park or the lawn on the famous Santa Barbara courthouse with a book, so something I don’t have to worry about heating up is awesome.

raw pad thai from the ranch daily

The raw pad thai was delicious! Like the salad dressing and the taco sauce, it was the little container of dressing that made this meal top notch.

I admit, I was a little skeptical of the breakfast quinoa. But seriously, it was like eating dessert for breakfast. The roasted fruit was divine and the quinoa pudding was creamy. I’m going to try some similar recipes to see if I can recreate it, though it won’t nearly as convenient as pulling it out of a cooler ready to eat! The coolers are reusable and the packaging is environmentally friendly. The only downside is the cost. At $270 a week, it’s a bit out of my price range. Of course, it doesn’t seem unreasonable, given the convenience and the quality. A Green Chef subscription, which I occasionally get, is about $70 a week, and I get 6-8 meals out of a box. And even if that means I don’t have to worry about shopping, and there are some pre-made elements, I still have to do the cooking.

The Ranch Daily is perfect for someone wanting to stick to a healthy meal plan but is also pressed for time. I didn’t love every snack, but I’m kind of a picky eater. Overall I was very happy with my week of eating like a movie star. If I wasn’t a humble librarian and money weren’t an obstacle, I’d likely order the meal delivery service every once in a while, especially when Mister BS is out of town and I’d otherwise be cooking for one.

For now, I’ll keep eating a lot of kale salads and roasted veggies.

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  • This does sound like a fun service to try, I can definitely see the appeal! It’s way out of my budget too, but it would be a fun thing to treat yourself too occasionally when you don’t feel like cooking. I’ve always wanted to try one of those services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh but never have.