Palm Trees

Palm trees are not native to California’s central coast, and neither am I. But more and more, I’m feeling at home here.

Life in Santa Barbara over the last few months have been busy, and I’ve had so many amazing opportunities pop up that I’ve been left reeling. Not only have I been promoted to a supervisor at work, which is its own challenge, I was approached about writing a book for other librarians on a topic that’s very important to me, and I couldn’t pass up the offer, even though it’s a big commitment and a stretch assignment.

I am all about the stretch, whether it’s practicing yoga, challenging myself at work, or in my wardrobe.

Confidence in my body and in the way I dress doesn’t come naturally to me, and cultivating my personal style as well as getting comfortable in my own skin is a big part of why I blog. I like to think I’m growing and branching out from my typical style (cardigan + t-shirt + skinny jeans), but becoming more strongly rooted in my own identity.

I was coveting this palm tree dress the minute I arrived in California (you’ll see it featured in this round up of black and white pieces from last fall) and when I first put it on, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I don’t often wear big prints, and I definitely don’t own any other dress this form fitting.

But I’ve ended up loving it. Since it’s black and white, the big print doesn’t seem so overwhelming, and it has this wonderful California vibe.

Walking around Santa Barbara, I’m still captivated by the trees, which are so different from those of my native Kansas. Some are even on the historic registry. Life is good in the shade of palm trees.

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  • I love tropical prints. This dress is great because it’s also neutral. Love it. I still need to get my hands on lace up flats… Xo – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    • Thanks! I’ve been surprised how much I loved my lace up flats. At first I was like “too trendy” but then I needed new black flats and found some at TJ Maxx and I’ve nearly worn them out! I got a pair in coral, too.

  • It looks awesome – love the dress!

    Tanya Patrice

  • Nina Sackheim Badzin

    Great dress! And I wear my denim coat with everything!

    • Thanks, Nina! Denim jackets are perfect for the weather here, because it can be very chilly once the sun goes down.