vegetarian weekly meal plan | vol. 1

Mister BS is here in California with me, and we are loving cooking together. We’ve got this ambitious but exciting plan to eat mostly farmer’s market food and mostly vegan.

I thought it would be cool to document our culinary adventures. These weekly meal plans will be seasonal, and designed to use similar ingredients. Some weeks we’ll do a lot of cooking, some we might be traveling or otherwise too busy to cook, so they’ll be shorter and simpler. Either way, I’ll share what recipes we’re making.

We don’t have any special plans for Independence Day, so I think a day of cooking and a walk on the beach to see the fireworks is in order!

This week, I’m planning on perfecting my adaptation of this recipe for roasted tempeh and root veggies, which is my favorite from any Green Chef box I’ve tried. I’ve made a version of it once before without the cabbage apple slaw, which I really sets it off, so I want to try it again. We’ve got some cabbage and a green apple. It may be a fall recipe, but al the items are available at this time of year, too.

Mister BS was interested in an quinoa salad, and we have everything for this recipe except for arugula on hand, so we’re going to try it.

I’m excited to try this lacinato kale salad with fennel and radishes, since I have some radishes I need to use up, and green beans and snap peas have been in season.

Buddha bowls are so easy to make for lunches ahead of time, so we’re excited to try this recipe with broccoli and roasted chickpeas.

We haven’t made sushi yet since we’ve been reunited, so in addition to our regular veggie version, I want to try this recipe for kale, cucumber and avocado sushi.

veggie sushi

I’ve also made a few different versions of a Latin kale cabbage corn salad, drawing inspiration from this recipe and this recipe, and I want to get it perfected, so we put that on the menu this week in hopes I could document the recipe.

What’s on your menu for the week? 

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