vegetarian weekly mean plan | vol. 2

Each week, I share my vegetarian weekly meal plan, full of vegan and vegetarian recipes to cook at home, with the goal of reducing food waste and enjoying quick, easy, healthy, and tasty meals.


Last week, we didn’t follow our plans 100% of the time, and we threw away some kale and green onions. Not a perfect week, but a good start to your serious meal planning.

It took us until Saturday night, but we did make the tempeh and roasted veggies — it was so good! But at essentially 3 dishes to make up the meal, it’s a lot of chopping and roasting (not ideal on a warm evening!). We’ll definitely make it again but it’s not a weeknight meal and really is best during the fall season. I’m perfecting the recipe and I’m sure I’ll be ready to blog about it when the temperature starts to dip.

We’ve been loving kale salads, but this lacinato kale salad with fennel and radishes was a big disappointment. It’s one of those times when loving all the ingredients isn’t enough. Even though I really loved the idea of all these flavors together, but it just didn’t work.

Hey, it was worth a try.

We made a combination of several other recipes I’d listed on our weekly meal plan. We had some roasted veggie kale bowls, with the garbanzo beans from this  broccoli and roasted chickpeas but with the beautiful green, gold, and purple cauliflower we got at the farmer’s market. I used the tahini cilantro sauce from this recipe, and while Mister BS loved it, I wasn’t convinced it was any better than just the roasted cauliflower, which was so sweet.

Sushi was good—so good we might even have in again this week! All the ingredients are so basic and we typically have them all on hand, but really just need to get some wasabi!

On Thursday we ended up getting a sampling of empanadas from Buena Onda. I really liked both quinoa versions, which surprised me. I’d never have thought to use quinoa in an empanada. I also liked the sweet corn empanada. They were super affordable and tasty!

And Friday was actually Mister BS’s birthday—probably should have accounted for that in our meal plan! I had to go to the valley for work that afternoon, so he came along and we had Industrial Eats on my lunch break. It was a cauliflower kind of week: that was the special, so we had roasted cauliflower with this sauce made out of French cheese and crispy kale, and a wood-fired pizza.

It was really affordable, and the restaurant had a kitchy vibe that reminded me of Frank’s, my favorite bar back in Lawrence. The menu was very 715-meets-Limestone-meets-Hank’s, which means it’s definitely at the top of the places for me to take my mom next time she visits. For a butcher shop that specializes in local meet, they had an amazing vegetarian selection. Definitely worth the drive to the valley.

For lunches, we mostly had leftover kale salads, avocado toast, and egg salad.

Vegetarian Weekly Meal Plan: Avocado, Kale, Garbanzo Beans

We’re into this kale salad with feta, black beans, and avocado.

I’m working on a cauliflower and lentil taco recipe that’s inspired by this version and this version, so that’s on the agenda.

Even after the kale corn salad we made last week (I’ve perfected the recipe, so look for it on the blog soon!), we still have some cabbage left. Mister BS loved the red pepper dressing from this ginger slaw salad, so we’re going to have it this week, too. I plan on throwing in some edamame for some extra protein—and crunch.

We’re all about the kale salads.

There’s a brick of tofu we really need to use up, so we’re adding this honey ginger stir fry to the menu, too.


For lunches, we’ll be having leftover salads, avocado toast, and some hummus.

We bought a ton of groceries this week, and stocked up on some new produce at the farmer’s market this weekend, so I’m hoping to keep our grocery shopping minimal this week and to save our restaurant meals for this weekend, when we’re going to LA for a baby shower.

What’s on your menu this week? 

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