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Blackberry Jalapeño Lime Margaritas

Trader Joe’s is amazing.

I’m not going to lie: big perk of moving to California is living just down the road from a Trader Joe’s. They have great produce at a great prices, lots of tasty frozen food, and some specialty items that can’t be found elsewhere (not to mention the cheap wine!).

I used to take the bus up once or twice a month, but now that Mister BS has moved with the car, it’s so easy to pop in. I don’t have to worry about being able to carry all my groceries from the bus stop, so I can try new products, even if they come in heavy glass jars.

Which is great, because I’m loving the Trader Joe’s jalapeño limeade. It’s tart and spicy and delicious, especially as the base of a margarita.

I’ve tried to make spicy margaritas with a hit of jalapeño before. The results were disastrous.

I made jalapeño infuse tequila one Christmas and used it in my famous frozen mango margaritas  and it was so spicy, no one would drink it.

Luckily, the jalapeño limeade from Trader Joe’s is just the perfect amount of heat to complement the tequila and blackberries without overwhelming the other flavors.

These blackberry jalapeño lime margaritas are tart, spicy, and oh-so-refreshing on a hot day!

Ready made limeade makes these margaritas so easy, yet are special enough that they’re really impressive. They’re great for making single cocktails or easy to mix up in a big batch for a party.

blackberry jalapeno lime margaritas It’s no secret I love a good margarita—from a simple and classic lime, to a sparkling margarita, to my signature mango—but I’m glad to add another variety to my repertoire!

blackberry jalapeno lime margarita

Blackberry Jalapeño Lime Margaritas


  • Trader Joe’s jalapeño limeade
  • blackberries
  • lime
  • tequila


Blend blackberries in food processor, then run pulp through fine mesh strainer to remove seeds.

Combine equal parts limeade, blackberry and tequila in cocktail shaker with ice (I use 3 shots of tequila and 3 shots limeade). Add one ounce blackberry puree. Shake, poor over ice. Garnish with lime wheel and blackberry. Enjoy!

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blackberry lime jalapeno margarita

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